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Magnus Midtbø
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Magnus Midtbø

Climbing · Oslo, Norway
I'm a 28 year old rock climber, who mainly use my social media to document climbing, training and traveling.

Instagram is the platform I have put most of my time towards growing and I have gained a international following.

Instagram stats:

Men 77%
Women 23%

Age 18-24 32%
Age 25-34 43%

US 26%
Norway 19%
UK 7%
Spain 5%
Italy 4%

Oslo 17 %
Bergen 8%
Trondheim 7%
London 6%
New York 4%

Facebook is another platform where I'm active and YouTube is something I recently have started working on.

Any questions, drop a message in English or Norwegian!

300 579
8 710
New followers/Month
36 927
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